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Wednesday, January 09, 2008 @ Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Okay, i have loads of things to say. so i'll try to summarise my thoughts.


i got into PLMGSS. and i thank God for it.

God will make a way, where there seems to be no way.He works in ways we cannot see, He will make a way for me. He will be my guide. Hold me closely to his side. With love and strength for each new day, He will make a way.

Proverbs 3:6
"In all thy ways acknowlege Him, and He shall direct thy paths."

Yes, God will make a way. Like what He did for me. As you all know, i didn't do very well in my PSLE and i got posted into Damai. which was also God's work. because if i DID get into Pasir Ris Sec, my parents wouldn't appeal because i alrd got into my first choice. so getting into Damai caused my parents to do all the appealing cases.

my dad told me, "I promise you i'll get you out of Damai"

If im not wrong, PLMGSS actually rejected me the FIRST. then TK.
then i went for the track tryouts at VJC for KC. and i got rejected.
my parents were so depressed that they actually went to KC to appeal for me again.

so my parents rushed back. and told me to change. the vice principal said that she'll call back in an hours' time. and she hadn't called until the one hour was up. i walked into the studyroom. my father ALMOST gave me a lecture until the phone rang. KC. so we drove there. and my parents actually knew that there was a confirmed seat for me. cause when they came in to appeal again, they overheard a malay girl wanted to withdrawl. and the vice principal knew my parents knew that there were vacancies.

so in the end, i got in through vacancies. which is also God's grace as i wasn't 'forced' to get in Track&Field. As you all know, im not so enthusiastic when it comes to track. if you guys know me well enough, that is.
so my parents bought everything for me. books, uniform, KC jacket...everything that is needed. everything ended well. and my parents thought it was a good closure for the year 2007. had we had the watchnight the next day if im not wrong.

a few days later, PLMGSS called and asked me to go for an interview [it was a fri then] the next day but i couldn't because of the CCA fair. so my dad challenged them for me to have the interview that NIGHT/EVENING. and my parents didn't even know where was i. i was still in school at 2,3+ for my netball trials.
and an hour later, they called and said they couldn't because they had dedication night for all PLMGS[S] teachers. BUT they said they could try putting me in at 7.15pm.
and my parents took one hour to convince me into going for the interview. as i was already VERY pissed. they alrd sent me the rejection letter and now they want to interview me.
and i thought 'whats the point of going for another interview when you MIGHT get rejected?'
and YES. rejection sucks. it sucks BIG time.

and when i was at PLMGSS preparing for the interview. i needed to go toilet. and being the kpo me, i saw aunty Jenny when i was passing by the canteen. told my dad and he talked to her.
and when i came out of the toilet, she told me 'Just go for it. Although youre not keen for the interview, just do your best. If it isn't God's will, he will close the doors for you. If it is, then you should accept them. Being in a Christian environment is better for just go for it!'
i thought 'ah, fine then. not like it's gonna kill or sth.'

so went in for interview. teacher looked at my appeal form and decided that i was better at Sports than in Music. and FYI, they actually wanted to interview me for their niche area. MUSIC. so they asked what can i contribute to this school.
so since i alrd got accepted into Netball for KC, why not try my luck? and of course, i said track too. so the HOD for sports wanted me to try out for netball there and then. in my uniform. they made me do standing broad jump, how high i can jump and my ball sense and reaction.
so yeah, the next day, after coming back from CCA fair, my dad asked me while i was having my lunch.
DAD : If it was really God's will for you to get into PL, will you accept the school?
ME : er..Just do it lor.

and after my very last word, PL called.
PL : We want to inform you that your daughter was accepted into PL.
yeap, that was what they said.
so at that point. i was shocked. VERY shocked. and my dad said it was a POSITIVE problem. which sucks too.
yes yes yes

so in the end, after a long counsel with parents and all, decided to 'accept' PL.
although i really wished i could reject them. like the way they rejected me. i could even TYPE out the rejection letter.

'Im sorry to inform you that I, Shavonne Tan Yen Ling, will not be accepting your school for you first ditched me.'

HAH. that would give me such a GREAT feeling.
but, well, in the end, i came to this school. :D

so yeah, and now, my MOTHER'S version of my story. some people ended up crying. some ended up smiling/laughing. and I ended up with NO emotions. hahah. :D
ENJOY! :D oh and apologies for all typos!! it was like...1am when my mother finished this so yeah :D

To all my beloved brothers & sisters-in Christ

First of all, we would like to thank all of you from the bottom of our hearts for your prayers that has made this testimony possible. God works in a mysterious and wondrous way that most times we can't comprehend. Its gonna be a long and detailed account, if you are working and have no time to read, it is better that you read it later hor. Very lor sor you know.

Let me bring you back to the time when the PSLE results was out on that eventful day.

On the eve of the PSLE results announcement, I was awaken in the middle of the night and couldn't sleep thereafter and I felt anxious for Shavonne's PSLE results. I began to feel burden and heavy in my spirit. Both Pat and myself were not anticipating a high T-score from Shavonne but just a decent result partly because of her past examination results and also having gone thru with Shaun and at the same time, when we compared Shaun's primary school results with hers, we knew she cannot out perform her brother. However, when I was lead to a God-fearing tuition teacher and the fact that Shavonne has better study attitude then her brother, I thought things could be better off for her.

We were more or less prepared for the worst and kept telling ourselves don't expect too much from her. However, we still have the hope that she will do well especially with her good and hard working attitude and coupled with that we prayed together every night and I fasted for her like the way I did for Shaun. I still remember the week that I fasted before the exams, there was one particular night I broke into Holy laughter. Guess what? with my own conclusion, I thought hey, this must be God's assurance to me that all is well and she should be doing pretty well for her coming PSLE. The tuition teacher told me that she should be scoring around a certain range because towards the end Shavonne was showing results. Whether you like it or not, there was some form of expectation!

Before we left for school, Shavonne broke into tears when Pat hugged her because she knew her results will go either way as she was not consistent. We comforted her and told her not to worry. She even shared with her friends in the canteen that if she does well she may score around 230+ and one of her friends even predicted if it goes the other way, she may score 222 in a joking manner. Can you imagine how that prediction came true for her!

When the school Principal announced the school's result, it was a resounding, resounding success for the school. We felt a sense of pride for the school and the spirits of everyone was high. Thereafter, we were lead to her class to collect her results. Slowly but surely, the form teacher gave the results to each student and for those that did well, she mentioned the score. Like any parent with a hp camera on hand, Pat was all ready to capture that magical moment in pics and video like any proud parent who would take pics of their new born in the hospital :o)

When her name was called, the form teacher was silent with her score and we knew it was not well but we didn't know how bad it was. When Shavonne saw her results, she broke into tears and can't be comforted by her classmates around her. Her friends were the ones that knew her score first and the girl who predicted her low score, kept looking at Pat. Can you imagine how we felt at that moment, we will dieing to know how badly she did. We did not expect much neither did we anticipate it will be 222. Instead of going home in celebrations, I broke into tears when I reached home. It was one of the worst lunch we had together. Everyone was shell shocked with the results. After some smsing with queries from all concerns, I went to sleep crying and asking God why?

Armed with such results, we had no choice but to choose schools around her T-score. We were so depressed and depressed but never shared much with people but I guessed you guys know how much it meant to us.

After submission, we surrender all to God and Pat was confident that she will get into her 1st choice i.e., Pasir Ris Secondary. When the posting results came, we were in for another rude shock again, how on earth she is not short listed for Pasir Ris instead to Damai. Pat told Shavonne by hook or crook he will get her out of Damai. We knew Damai was not a place for her and she doesn't belongs there. She told us specifically that she doesn't want to attend Damai Orientation Camp. Pat prayed to God to get her out of the situation and by then we will all out submitting our appeals to different schools.

We short listed a few secondary schools for her:-
Tanjong Katong - I approached PSG chairman for help and thought for convenient, I will put her there since she has no other choice even though she wanted to go to a all girls' school;
Paya Lebar Methodist - Pat's BSF leader suggested this school to him before and I checked with my friend, Jenny, she told me it was a Godly school with good environment. Having seen the school, I was rather pleased with it too cos aesthetics is rather important to me too :p
St Anthony - as per her tuition teacher advised as compared to CHIJ (Katong Convent) she felt that St Anthony is a better choice; and
CHIJ (Katong Convent) - this was nobody's choice but I told Pat better to try just in case all other appeal failed at least she can get to a nearby school. When I brought Shavonne there, she told me she had a dream when she was young that she was running up and down this particular staircase. It was her 1st time there and when I heard that I prayed in silent that I rejected it in the name of Jesus because we wasn't too keen with CHIJ. I didn't want to entertain the thoughts further.
Due to Christmas holidays, we were not informed of any results earlier and when we didn't hear from them after Christmas, we started to call the schools and one by one came with the sad news that she was declined. First it was Tk followed by Paya Lebar. St Anthony told Pat that the school will only released the results for the appeal on the 1st wk of Jan. After receiving 2 bad news, I texted her tuition teacher and told her that it was all bleaked for Shavonne as most schools have rejected our appeal. She told me God gave her this verse Jer 29:11

"For I know the plans I have for you," declares the Lord, "plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you a hope and a future."

She also reminded me in written sms Mark 11: 23,24

"I tell you the truth, if anyone says to this mountain, "Go, throw yourself into the sea,' and does not doubt in his heart but believes that what he says will happen, it will be done for him. Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours."

I lost all confidence in the whole thingy that I didn't even want to read what was written in Jer 29:11. I have hope in God but not my prayers to God anymore.

When CHIJ called and ask Shavonne to go for her trial test base on her niche area, sports, we were rather excited for her. However, bad news came on 31st when we were told that she was not successful under DSA for sports. We immediately rushed to CHIJ from Tiong Bahru after buying fish balls and fish cakes for our Watchnight fellowship.

We waited at the office to speak to the VP. There was this Malay parent who told the school he was withdrawing his daughter from CHIJ because she was going to another school that offers Higher Malay. Both Pat and myself were rather elated when we heard that because we were told there was no more vacancy in CHIJ. We were there at the right time and the right place. Thank God,ed the VP was in and granded us an interview and said she will have to interview Shavonne before she could offer her a place. Finally, the VP agreed to accept her base on vacancy and not through DSA in order to respect the HOD earlier decision. We scramble to get her name out from Damai, bought uniforms and books for her. We told ourselves, it was a good closure from God for year 2007. At least she don't have to go Damai and since beggars can't be chooser, we thought CHIJ is still better than Damai and as the Hokkien saying goes "no fish, prawn also can". We accepted that it was from God and thought it was closure.

Just when we thought the dust has settled, little did we realised that Paya Lebar would called last Fri to ask Shavonne to go for a trial test, base on her niche area, music. I was in a total lost and have to tell the staff that I need to check with my husband before I can tell her if we will go ahead with the test for Shavonne. Moreover the test was on Saturday morning which Shavonne can't since she has a full morning in CHIJ being a CCA day.

We decided to consult Ian and Shavonne's tuition teacher who told us to give it a shot as Ian put it aptly, its gonna be 4 long years in a school, if the school called her she may stand a good chance to enter. Her tuition teacher told me, just let Shavonne try and at the same time, to clear all doubts and prayed specifically that if it is not God's will for her to be in Paya Lebar than He should shut the door tightly so that Shavonne can settled in CHIJ. We were surprised that Paya Lebar was willing to change her test to Friday evening at 7.15pm in order to accommodate her CHIJ CCA day on Sat. The third person that gave us the confirmation that Shavonne should try was when we met Jenny in the school itself! She told us perhaps God has a purpose when she placed Shavonne temporarily in CHIJ. God has given us assurance 3 times.

The beauty of it was when she was being interviewed, some how or rather the teacher felt that she was better at sports than music. Shavonne initially wasn't keen to go for the trial test at Paya Lebar at all as she was selected to do netball in CHIJ. She told the interviewer that she was selected to do netball in CHIJ. That was where, she was tested for net ball even though she has never done it in her primary school. When she was doing her trial I prayed in tongues...... The rest are history.........

We began to put all the jigsaw puzzles together and see how God work in a marvelous way. I was reminded that on 5th Jan, when Shavonne was asked to do her trial test in Paya Lebar, 5 is a number of God's grace.

At the end of it all, God impressed upon me that His Grace is sufficient for me, now I truly understand the meaning of "is SUFFICIENT".

I felt that I owe God a testimony to all and even if I was
given a chance to share at cell, I can't share in a detailed manner.


went for 2 netball trainings and 1 tryout.
tiring. very tiring. and no playing of ball. well, the coach is super fierce too
but i still am passionate for Netball. and tryouts were today (:
super crazy. :D
shuttle run. 4 times. 3 parts to run x 4. D:
so yeah, played a little bit netball.
and we lost. pffft. D:
well, we still dont know who's selected.
and for the CCA identification programme, i got selected for CHOIR and TRACK AND FIELD.
so yeah, fri MIGHT be going for track trials :D
and choir i missed it D:
today. but had netball tryouts D:
so yeah. everyone was like so shocked when i got into choir. hahah. not sure. maybe choir will be my 2nd choice. choir's fun! :D

well, there, i blogged. :D

yesterday, today and forever ;